Clean POP, 2 in 1 facial brush

Through vibration and rotation residue and impurities from make-up are removed. Micro-bristle brush ensures mild but deep cleansing Water resistant function allows for use in the shower. Perfect for collagen care and management. Continuous deep pore cleansing through soft and flexible micro-bristle movement helps in care and maintenance of collagen. Through collagen management and deep cleansing soft and transparent skin is achieved. Sebum around nose area is regularly cleaned by regular vibration and rotation.

The brush itself comes with two attachments: the brush head & the special component for foundation & serums. You can simply remove & replace the attachments at will. It is so quick! Because you use batteries, no cords to get tangled in either!

Use the brush head to deep cleanse. We recommend using circular motions for about 15 seconds each on the following areas: cheeks, nose/chin/lips, & forehead. After use simply clean your brush with warm water & let dry for next use.

Using the special sponge type attachment for foundation is also simple. Install the foundation head, spread a small amount of foundation on the sponge, & work into skin. Cleanse after use.

  • 15o 2WAY ROTATION : 15o left-Right Rotation remove sebum as well as all imputiries on skin and in pores. CleanPOP will surely present you with much more brighter skin.
  • TAPPING VIRATION : The Moderate Tapping Vibration enchance cleansing skin and also offer deep massage to skin. CleanPOP will gift healthier skin to you.
  • PERFECT 4D MOTION : 15o 2way Rotation combines Tapping Vibration to realize the perfect 4-Dimensional Motion. 4D Motion is the symbolic technology of CleanPOP.
  • 0.065MM PORE BRUSH : SiIklike tourch, but strong cleansing with 0.065mm microfiber pore brush produced by Korean craftsmanship and the chemical technology.
  • IPX4 WATERPROOF : CleanPOP officially obtained IPX4 Life waterproof certificate from the authorized organization. So, usable even in shower and bath in safety.
  • LIGHT & GOOD GRIP : Experince your Easy Daily Use coming 180g of its ultralight weight and also the Good Grip its unique shape designed ergonomically body Unique design.
  • Uses AA battery x 2, so easy used anywhere.